Improve Brand Awareness with Inbound Marketing

Brand Awareness with Inbound Marketing

You can improve your company’s communication with the inbound marketing. Very often companies think that brand awareness and lead generation are distinct from one another, even if both designed to attract customers and increase revenue.

Although they have two different functions, you can place a strategy of knowledge and awareness of your company in inbound marketing program through the development of your buyer’s person, improvements to your website, blog, video marketing and social media marketing.

Refresh some terms

  • Brand awareness involves communicating the identity of your business to potential customers (who you are, what you do, your reputation etc.).
  • Inbound marketing uses different forms of pull marketing to create brand awareness, attract new customers and convert them into contacts before trying to sell them something.

There are many ways to make brand awareness within an inbound marketing strategy. Here you will find different ideas.

# 1. Buyers person you are attracting them?

You’re wondering why your website is not visited so often? You’ve had a drop in traffic or the graphics never climb?

Remember that any marketing strategy, including inbound, begins with knowledge of your potential customers, also known person buyers, in detail (their job role, what to look for online, their priorities and objectives, and what decision criteria they use).

What are their objectives? According to data from Google (as well as according to the good sense) understanding of all of your potential clients’ goals, can only attract the right people to your site, creating content and making him find it right when they are looking for solutions to their problems include your product or service.

Then ask “What are the potential customers of my goals?”

To answer this question, consider these five key aspects

  1. The business decision criteria
  2. The priority initiatives
  3. Success factors
  4. The perceived barriers
  5. The buyer’s journey
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#2. Website Design: Your site is attractive to your potential customers

When you have created your site, you thought of offering your prospects of personalized experiences and clear conversion paths?

The ideal approach to website design is to use different disciplines: in this way you will create a good site that can attract new customers and at the same time communicate your values ​​and benefits of your services and products.

To create a successful website

  • Focus on Data
  • Build a website responsive and scalable
  • Tweak it for the growth of your business
  • Create content for your customers
  • Focus also on aesthetics.

Aarron Walter, drifting the Maslow’s theory and the hierarchy of human needs, created the web design hierarchy to understand clearly how they think users. Its pyramid consists of 4 sections (in ascending order):

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Use
  • Pleasure

From his study it found that the most important element, the pleasure, is often underestimated. Make sure that your site there are personalized content to make your potential customers like to stay on your site.

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# 3. Blog: What are you telling?

Taking care of business blog is a major inbound marketing activity. To be successful you have to coordinate the publication, the staff and especially subject matter.

Here are some tips to find success stories to tell on the blog

  • Ask the commercial what are the common questions that are addressed to them in order to solve problems in an immediate way of potential customers.
  • Schedule interviews with experts to share their knowledge.

Use storytelling and other gimmicks to write success stories. Storytelling is the strength of many companies such as Apple and Nike, and is being increasingly used also by SMEs for its usefulness. Use some traditional journalism techniques such as the rule of “5W” (who, what, when, where, why) and plans to build a story that is based on the successful conclusion.


  • It tells in detail your story
  • Use sensory information
  • Use emotions
Inbound Marketing
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# 4. Video Marketing: Is it useful?

You have already added video to your inbound marketing program. If you did not, you are missing one of the greatest opportunities to attract, develop and close the deal with the hypothetical clients.


  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine
  • By including video in email, you can increase the percentage of clicks
  • Over 25% of people watching videos in the phone for more than 2 hours a week

This does not mean that you have to take your phone and start filming anything. Before starting a video, organizes a clear plan so that it is not boring.

What do you need to produce a successful video?

  • A clever strategy
  • Programs the video production process;
  • Production quality

Start from your site’s home page and uses real image where you see the use of your technology.

# 5. Social Media Marketing

Share content in the company is a good strategy to increase traffic to your web page, but the critical elements of a social media strategy of effect includes …

  • A monthly editorial calendar
  • New content constantly
  • Pictures that attract the attention of customers
  • Daily monitoring of your social media
  • A system that relates the results to see the effectiveness of your strategy

Today use inbound marketing as a business strategy gives you the opportunity to gain a major advantage over the competition.

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