How to choose the right SEO consultant? Mini-guide for companies and entrepreneurs

SEO consultant

Do you think it is time to resort to SEO, or the optimization of your site for search engines? It is probably true, but before you make that decision, and then go looking for a SEO agency or consultant, stopped for a moment and think.

Choosing a SEO consultant

If you work in a team, you involve all your employees together and ask yourself this question …

Because we want our site to be optimized for the search engines?

Very often the answer is simply “because our competitors appear before us.” It is not a valid reason. It’s simple exhibitionism 2.0.

If instead the answer is “because we provide a service or a quality product that we believe will meet the needs of those who are looking on the net something like,” well, that’s a good answer.

Good answers are “because from our statistics have shown that search traffic is an interesting conversion rate” or “because we want to increase files or records in form to enable us to profile users.”

The SEO Consultant Selection

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You must then bring the objectives that justify the investment you are entrusting you to make a SEO consultant, and these objectives will constitute the labor yardstick that will be done.

The best time to decide to optimize a site on the occasion of its redesign, or even better, with the launch of a new website. This way you will have the ‘ opportunity to work directly with a view SEO oriented, which is usually translated as a well-made website, easily navigable and full of good content.

Working well on the side SEO means keeping up to date the infrastructure of the website, create a good user experience, develop a good mobile version, a good navigability through the pages and ‘ attention in time to the consolidation of the brand. You must think of SEO as an integral aspect of your business communication , and not thinking only to placements.

The SEO ideal is one that has a global vision of your business, understand what makes it unique compared to the target audience and its characteristics, and can understand how your business generates profit and how and how much the Google search can be determinant in this regard.

How To Choose SEO Consultant

But how and where to find the SEO consultant or agency that’s right for you?

On Google, of course!


Although logically can not make a turn, if you search for example “best SEO agency in Toronto” difficult to find those who are looking for really. Hardly the most reputable agencies are positioned in the top results of a search like this, because you probably are too busy to work for its clients, and, above all, they do not need it.

The results that you’ll see correspond mostly to those who are damning and is investing time and money to find himself and acquire customers through a forced visibility. Worse still rely on the so-called “Top SEO list”. They are just aggregators, whose sole purpose is to position thanks to query keywords and the like, and then sell these lists or get paid by those who do SEO to be present in these lists.

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Forget it. As often it happens in recruitment, halyard antennas and listen. Inquire within your space of professional knowledge, feel friends and colleagues, uses Google to see the results from companies that can also be outside of your industry , and if they seem well positioned try contacting them to let you identify to whom you assigned to it, asking, you’re at it, as you have found.

Informed through more sophisticated channels : blogs that deal specifically SEO, Twitter profiles and / or LinkedIn for professionals in the field, identifies influencers most followed and influential. For example, on Facebook there are some very important groups and attended by many professionals as “SEO Facts”. This will also prove useful to understand a little ‘better the dynamics of SEO and not see it as something abstract and linked only to a set of algorithms.

Would you rather have a counselor who can provide a physical presence for meetings, meetings and updates, which then establish a more direct relationship, or distance does not bother you and even want to continue to follow your business leaving SEO part fully in the hands of those who deal with the job? If you believe the SEO a development necessary element to your business, why not think directly to an internal resource, maybe form through the mentoring of an external business?

They’re all details to consider, not least based on the budget that you can afford to invest. By the way, for a serious SEO takes time and money, put it in your head immediately. If you miss even one of these two things, better if you take care of each other and cross-references this step to a more appropriate time.

SEO Consultant The details To watch Out For

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Back to us, you should have come to the point of having a list of candidates, say three to five options. It’s time to meet them in person and see if you speak the same language. Remember what we said above: SEO is communication. You must be able to communicate, and you have to be sure that the person to whom you are addressing is interested in your business and your project.

During a conversation, keep an eye on some red flags that can alert you if you’re facing a serious professional or a rogue in search of easy money. If you hear of doorway or worse still “shadow domains”, the “free links for all” or “a special relationship with Google”, put a cross on top immediately.

The “secret recipes” do not exist. Pretend always relevant answers, techniques, depth. As suggested by Google itself on the Search Console help, ask the right questions as …

  • How long you carry out this activity?
  • What’s your experience in my industry?
  • What’s your experience in my local area? And at the global level?
  • What results do you expect to get and when? How it is measured?
  • What are the techniques of SEO where you feel most competent?
  • What are the most suitable for me?
  • How can I communicate with you?
  • You will provide a reporting?
  • In what form and when?
  • In addition to SEO marketing also offer complementary services or technical advice?

You can also ask a real technical audit, to identify priorities for improvement in optical SEO. A serious professional, analyzing your site, you should consider several factors, but it certainly should not overlook issues such as internal linking, URL parameters, the impressionability of pages, the browser status codes or connectivity of servers.

It must also show that it can at least handle the query classes branded and unbranded content and locate obsolete and / or duplicated.

If the SEO consultant does not address your project with a holistic view it is better to look for another one.

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